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Katie Sylor-Miller

* is an experienced and accomplished technical leader, speaker, author, and frontend architect with expertise in frontend platform architecture, web performance, accessibility, design systems, and git.

Oh Shit, Git!

Oh Shit, Git

Katie's website Oh Shit, Git!?! has helped more than 3 million people get out of their git messes, and has been translated into 28 languages (and counting).

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  • / Brooklyn, NY

    QCon New York

    Hard Problems in Frontend Platforms

    Imagine you are tasked with building a platform to support a distributed system where your code executes in a remote environments. You don't control the hardware or the software, you have varying levels of API support, the network could cut out at any moment, you aren't guaranteed to have any observability, oh and there's a GUI but you have no idea what size the screen might be, but you must ensure there's always a great User Experience. If you don't run away screaming, then congratulations, you're now a Frontend Platform Engineer!

    This talk dives into the world of Frontend Platform Engineering, exploring the unique challenges, strategies, and best practices involved in creating robust, scalable, performant, and reliable Frontend architectures that simultaneously delight users.

    You'll leave with a better framework for making decisions about the vast array of Frontend technologies, libraries, patterns, and practices available. And, more importantly, you'll understand why these choices exist and the underlying hard problems that your frontend platform must solve.

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Oh Shit, Git! Zine by Katie Sylor-Miller and Julia Evans

The Oh Shit, Git! Zine

Julia Evans of Wizard Zines and I collaborated to write an Oh Shit, Git! zine! The Zine combines explanations of git fundamentals with the tips for getting out of a git mess that you know and love from ohshitgit.com*.

*The zine comes bundled with the swear-fee Dang it, Git! version, or you can buy the swear-free version separately.