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About Me

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Hi, friends! I'm Katie Sylor-Miller, otherwise known as KSM. I'm Etsy's Frontend Architect and the official Fairy Gitmother at ohshitgit.com. I love speaking, writing, and teaching folks about web performance, design systems, accessibility, and of course, Git! You can check out my resume, read an interview with me on staffeng.com, follow me on twitter, or connect with me on linkedin.

My bio

Katie Sylor-Miller, Frontend Architect at Etsy, has a passion for design systems, web performance, accessibility, and frontend infrastructure. She co-authored the Design Systems Handbook to spread her love of reusable components to engineers and designers. She’s spoken at conferences like Smashing Conf, PerfMatters Conf, JamStack Conf, JSConf US, and FrontendConf.ch (to name a few). Her website ohshitgit.com (and the swear-free version dangitgit.com) has helped millions of people worldwide get out of their Git messes, and has been translated into 28 different languages and counting.

When she’s not architecting, you can find Katie spending time with her family, skiing, or traveling the country to visit the best tiki bars. Say hi to Katie at @ksylor on twitter and check out her site at sylormiller.com.

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