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Periodically I write down my thoughts on software development and share them! Here are all the books, blog posts, and resources that I've written.

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Oh Shit, Git!

Oh Shit, Git

My website Oh Shit, Git!?! has helped nearly 2 million people get out of their git messes, and has been translated into 20 languages.

The Design Systems Handbook cover

The Design Systems Handbook

I contributed to InVision's Design Systems Handbook in collaboration with a dream team of Marco Suarez, Jina Anne, Diana Mounter, and Roy Stanfield. My chapter focuses on "Building Your Design System" and covers the engineering principles and best practices for building a scalable, flexible Design System in code.

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Oh Shit, Git! Zine by Katie Sylor-Miller and Julia Evans

The Oh Shit, Git! Zine

Julia Evans of Wizard Zines and I collaborated to write an Oh Shit, Git! zine! The Zine combines explanations of git fundamentals with the tips for getting out of a git mess that you know and love from ohshitgit.com*.

*The zine comes bundled with the swear-fee Dang it, Git! version, or you can buy the swear-free version separately.